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PowerFlare® PR210-R-Y Safety Light


We are now taking new orders. As usage varies greatly, please contact us direct for a custom quote that matches your needs. Email: or call Glenn on 0417 188 156.

Built in the USA, PowerFlare® lights exceed specifications and regulations for government, military, commercial, and consumer use.The unit's ultra-compact, internally reinforced design and high-strength housing is designed to handle the impact and pressure of truck run-overs at highway speeds and works under water to 300' depth. No other traffic flare, electronic or incendiary, is this tough.

The units use a Lithium CR123 battery that has a 10 year shelf-life and won't leak in harsh temperatures. There are 9 user-selectable flash patterns, including Coast Guard "SOS" Morse code for rescue and solid-on (lantern) mode for use as a lantern or power-fail light. LED colors: red, amber/yellow, blue, green, white, and infrared (IR). Outer shell (housing) color options: yellow, orange, and olive drab (OD).

  • Rechargeable Version Available 
  • Available with Magnetic Base

PowerFlare® is water-tight and non-reactive, allowing it to be used at HAZMAT scenes. Unlike other solutions, it does not contain or emit any toxic or noxious chemicals or fumes. PowerFlare® is not just an Electronic Beacon, it is a platform for many applications from recreation to military.

Common Uses for the PowerFlare® PR210-R-Y Safety Light

Warehouse Safety
• warehouse markers
• HAZMAT scenes

Law Enforcement
• traffic control
• building search
• training
• motorcycle & bicycle

Fire & Emergency Response Teams
• traffic control
• beacons and markers during search and rescue operations, etc.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
• Ambulances
• helicopter landing zones

Road Crews
• government & private contractors
• surveyors

Private Fleets

Tow Trucks

Construction & Contractors


Mining and Drilling

• mark campsites
• make visible for medical/rescue


SCUBA Diving
• attach to divers & mark diving spots


Universities, Schools, Stadiums, Shopping Centres, etc.

• emergency/temporary runway/taxiway marking
• airfield safety vehicles & personnel

Rural and Remote Residences
• mark for emergency vehicles

Motorists Who Care About their Safety & their Family's Safety
• Get the new PF-200 Model.

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