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Are the lights waterproof

The current model lights are all waterproof if used correctly and sealed at the time of immersion.

Can I buy spares?

Yes. You can buy spare lights and some other fittings.

If your light breaks, retain the mount and save money by only needing to purchase a replacement light.

Can I change the batteries by myself?

Yes. All other lights are easily accessible and it is very simple to change batteries. You simply unscrew the lens, change the batteries and then screw the lens back on.

Do the Boating lights comply with the law?

If installed and used correctly, the lights will comply with most state and local regulations.

*The best way to know if the lights suit your local area is to ask your rowing association or waterways policing organisation.

How durable are the Rowing Boat mounts?

The computer cut aluminium mounts are very durable. They are one piece and have no fragile or sharp shapes. The mounting screw is stainless steel. The only parts that may wear are the shock cord safely lines and, if poorly treated, the suction cup. Many parts are interchangeable and replaceable.

How long will the batteries last?

The efficient nature of LED lights means that you should be able to get at least 50 'safe' hours from a set of new batteries. After this time the lights may still work, but will not be visible from the same range as they would with fresh batteries.

Remember that a light on steady-on or full stream mode will drain battery life much quicker than one on a strobe or flashing mode.

Is there any maintenance to be done?

The lights can be maintained by occasionally removing the batteries and checking for corrosion. Application of a water dispersal spray can also help.

What batteries do the lights use?

All Guardian lights use 2 X 2032 (wrapped is original but separate when replaced is OK )


Specific Batteries for our Rowing Boat Lights

  • Laser Stik uses 3 X LR44
  • Tektite 4 LED Marker light uses 3 x AA batteries.
  • VIP Signal Light uses 1 Lithium DL123A battery.

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