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VIP Safety Super Bright Amber Light

Adventure Lights


The original VIP light, this model features a high output, focused amber/orange LED. The light features a steady-on, an SOS signalling and a strobe/flash mode. The light beam and color is optimized to enhance visibility and help penetrate smoke and fog. This model is very popular with Firefighters, Offshore Sailors and Scuba Divers. The light is waterproof to over 90 m (300 feet).

Safety Light Features

  • Case material: Impact resistant with a brass threaded battery compartment 
  • Lens material: Impact resistant 
  • LED bulb: 5 - 10 mm, single or groups (up to 5) 
  • Visibility: Over 5 km over land and over 9 km from air 
  • Size: 2.75" high (7cm) x 2" wide (5cm) x 1.25" thick (3.2cm) with stainless steel attachment clip 
  • Weight: 110 grams with battery 
  • Battery life: Steady-On: 8 - 50 hours 
  • Flashing: 20 - 400 (program dependent) 
  • Battery type: 1 Lithium EL123A Battery 
  • Visible: Omni-directional. 
  • Modes: SOS & Flash 
  • Durable: Extremely high impact, chemical resistant base and lens 
  • Multi Function: SOS, flashing & steady n modes standard 
  • Waterproof to over 90 m (300 feet)

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